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Mark chats on Australian Radio
  Mark Roques must be English ! He's passionate about soccer, and also about using that passion to find new ways to teach Religious Education to young people. Mark's an author as well, and his book "Fields of God - Football and the Kingdom of God " (published by Amazon UK) combines Bible stories with anecdotes from daily life - and from football. Soccer fanatic or not, you'll enjoy this purposeful chat with Mark.  
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Mark debates with Andrew Copson, CEO of the British Humanist Association
The UK Government recently outlined a White Paper that threatens to demote Religious Education to a peripheral subject in the curriculum.
Mark says we need more engaging ways of teaching RE. He also claims there is a hidden curriculum in education indoctrinating students into an individualistic, secularist worldview.

Andrew Copson, CEO of the British Humanist Association also wants good RE teaching but disagrees with Mark's conclusions about hidden agendas in education causing consumerist attitudes among students.They also debate whether an atheist worldview can account for our belief in reason and freewill.



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