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      New employee training
      發表時間:2012/10/4 8:39:05   發布人:   瀏覽次數:

      In order to strengthen the personnel management of our company, improve the company's visibility, training new staff awareness of enterprises, further standardize our new employee entry procedures and training programs, in September 26, 2012 the company administrative office in the conference room of recruits for a period of 1 days of training. The new employees were all passed the exam and were formally laid off in October 4th.

      After this training, the purpose of new staff training is more clear.

      1, improve the cognition of the employees to the enterprise

      2, make the new employee adapt to the job as soon as possible

      3, make new employees more aware of the rules and regulations of the company

      4. Show clear job features and organizational expectations for individuals

      5, the new employees can be safely produced and integrated into the corporate culture after being laid off

      On the job training, is essential to the enterprise's history, organizational structure and enterprise internal and external environment, to the new employee of an organization structure, marked his position in the organization: who is it, who is here, make it clear, into the role as soon as possible. In addition, the regulations and policies of the enterprise, the summary of the products to be contacted, the production line and the introduction of the service, the provisions of the probation period and so on, can be provided.